Syte and Glo met at a house party in their teens in inner city Bristol, Glo on the decks and Syte on the mic, later going to music college together, sharing a love of bass orientated music and hip-hop.

A few years later, they bump into each other in the street, the decided to have a production session together and the rest is history.

Both grew up in Bristol in a melting pot of influences and cultures, both in and outside of music, immersed in a sonicscape of DJ and emcee culture. 

Brought together by a shared music taste, and a sense that the world could be made a better place with a bit more compassion.

Their signature sound uses evocative, emotive lyrics and beats to provide a light in the darkness. Blending the ambient, soulful & energetic elements of electronica with the depth and thoughtfulness of hip-hop, to produce a passionate and progressive sound.