Welll is an electronica producer from Bristol, UK. His sound is typified by layered driven synths, haunting pads, rolling rhythms and deep bass creating epic electronic landscapes constantly building, twisting and evolving with cinematic tension.

Welll grew up in Bristol coming of age in the height of the Drum and Bass boom of the nineties. First musical foray was as an emcee, performing in a variety of crews and bands throughout Bristol. He took up producing primarily due to not being able to find the beats he wanted to emcee on. He soon unlocked a real love for producing, realising quickly that the best way to get the sound he was looking for was to do it himself. Since that realisation he has gone from strength to strength, influenced heavily by the sound of his home City, such as Massive Attack, Represent, Fuck Buttons, Phaeleh and Joker just to name a few…