Inspiration for Factory by Welll

Background to Tobias

This was the beginning of my interest in 808s, and loving the way that they really push a sound. I was playing around with synths and basses that had a stronger club orientation, to take the forefront when they drop. When I wrote this the penny had just dropped that I didn’t need to just build, that once you have sufficient ideas, you can let the different combinations of these shine. I did that with just dropping back in the bass and drums. This was also written at the time of the major Brexit debate, which I was equal measure incredibly angry and sad about, I think it came across in the song.

This song utilises a really wide variety of synths and sounds. Combining driven drones, with subtle plucks, old skool down-sampled roll beats with heavy 808 kicks and harsh snares. The main bass is club orientated, but then it builds to a melodic chorus. It is woven and complex, with an energetic melancholy that is both engaging and alienating.

Inspiration Playlist

All the songs below, both consciously and unconsciously, have influenced the creation of this song, to differing amounts. What they all have in common is a dynamism of them building up and down and the feeling of being on a journey.

Clams Casino – The Blast

Amazing use of a vocal sample, with the drums and synth sounds complimenting each other to create an epic and haunting atmosphere. There is strength and softness in the sounds, drops together so well. I feel like this use of harder sounds and subtle elements it has in common with Factory.

A$AP Rocky – Wild for the night

Absolute banger, its intro is so well done and when it drops is the best of Trap and electronica combined. Deep 808 complimented by high synths typical of the best of Skrillex, the double pitched vocals is truly inspired. I’d say it is the use of the building small elements and the 808s that this has in common, especially when the beat first fully drops in Factory.

Hudson Mohawke – Chimes

One of my favourite producers of all time, I love the way this song has different sections to it, that all fit together really well, the more melodic being broken by an awe inspiring heavy brass/synth line and the 808s pulling no punches. It’s a master class in how Electronic music can be danceable and listenable, varied, melodic and heavy all in one song. I hope Factory goes some way in doing this.

Phaeleh – In the Twilight

Classic tune from a Bristol producer whose music really inspired me to make the kind of music I make. There is nothing quite like local heroes to make you feel like you can achieve and push the envelope. It’s so well produced, using the vocal samples so effectively to not over dominate the track, still allowing the guitar melody to own the song. It then drops with punchy bass that gives the sound such depth. Again both melodic, deep and rich in sound, which is a big inspiration for Factory.