Inspiration for Fearless by Welll

Background to Tobias

This is a bit serious, but I wrote this after the terror attacks at the Bataclan music venue in Paris. It’s message is about defiance against the forces that seem to divide us. It is as much as releavent about Islamo-fascist terrorism as it is about the current wave of Right wing popularism. I will not be intimidated by the tales of the ‘others’ and will not be silenced. Heavy stuff I know, and was in two minds to make this more jolly, but that’s the honest origin.

The song combines elements of beauty and darkness, building in stages, as if waves crashing individually against the shore. It’s my only song so far with my vocals on it, which are intentionally distant in the mix to allow the music to speak for itself. The bassline drives and holds the track together, providing the backbone for the intricate songs to drop in and out. It is melancholic yet intriguing.

Inspiration Playlist

All the songs below, both consciously and unconsciously, have influenced the creation of this song, to differing amounts. What they all have in common is a dynamism of them building up and down and the feeling of being on a journey.

Zomby – Reflection

An amazingly atmospheric track, with a remarkable amount of similarity to Fearless (unintentionally), with the gun shot sound in particular and the use of distant vocals. This song creates a mood, and energises without the drums in at anypoint. It is dark, brooding and at times menacing, with a complimented beauty provided by the combination of the high and string synths.

Patriotism – Company Flow

A fairly unknown song in Company Flow/El-P terms. This was a big song from my teenage years, as it was on the Soundbombing 2 compilation. El-P is possibly my favourite producer, with his sonic dystopia coupled with songs of defiance about the state of America. This is a protest song, as is Fearless in its own more subtle way.

Killing in the name of – Rage against the Machine

Fearless I hope harnesses the same energy, of anger and defiance. Ever since I first heard this song it massively resonated with me, an absolute classic still as relevant both musically and politically today as ever.

Joker – Tron

An absolute banger from a Bristol dubstep producer. The song combines the quieter more melodic aspects with a punch in the face synth line that captures all frustration and anger possible. Its energy is infectious, and uses the combination of quieter parts and these heavier moments to take the listener on a real journey. I hope this song does the same.