Inspiration for Thaw by Welll

Background to Tobias

Started this song in Edmonton on my way back from Canada, I was in the airport on a transfer home for about 4 hours, so decided it was time to make a beat. It happened fairly quickly, and then when I decided to actually do the EP the song really came together quickly. 

Builds slowly in sections, getting more intense with each cycle, countered by subtle sounds dropping in and out, with deep 808 bass providing a depth of song. It culminates with the main melodic hook which is as enticing as it is mystic. The drums pound and provide a constant energy that compliments and brings together the whole track.

Inspiration Playlist

All the songs below, both consciously and unconsciously, have influenced the creation of this song, to differing amounts. What they all have in common is a dynamism of them building up and down and the feeling of being on a journey.

Meet Ur Maker – Shlohmo

Not sure when I first heard this song, but it has stayed with me (which is a bit of an oxymoron). I think it’s massively under-rated, I love the moving parts of it, and how they all duck in and out. It has such movement, like a living dancing object, guiding you through a journey and then at the end the final drop is just pure audio pleasure. I tried to incorporate elements of that into this song, filled with dynamic energy and strong melody, as well as the subtle nuance.

Four Tet – Two Thousand and Seventeen

A modern day classic, I first heard it on BCC 6 Music and was instantly blown away at how strong a melody can be. The rest of the song really compliments that melody, letting it shine. Again I hope that there is a similar idea of balance and strong melody in this song.

Vangelis – Tears in the rain

One of my favourite songs of all time, from a movie (Blade Runner) that I feel represents a visual aesthetic that compliments all good electronic music. Futuristic, emotive but still with gritty textures. The vocals perfectly compliment the mood, providing a euphoric escapism, that is in all the best music. All these qualities I strive for and hope can be found in Thaw.

Boards of Canada – Reach for the Dead

The ability to build something so gradually and engagingly is aweinspirating, giving complex finely tuned layers of synths. It eventually drops into dusty drums, as if the end of a long climb up a steep hill to see something magnificent.