Inspiration for Tobias by Welll

Background to Tobias

I wrote this song quite a while ago and was sitting on it. It was written for Lamp Lighters, my other Hip-hop orientated project.  I finished the first draft of the beat and realised that there was not just no room for vocals, that actually it actively didn’t need them. This was the beginning of Welll, a sound typified by layered driven synths, haunting pads, rolling rhythms and deep bass creating epic electronic landscapes; constantly building, twisting and evolving with cinematic tension.

Inspiration Playlist

All the songs below, both consciously and unconsciously, have influenced the creation of this song, to differing amounts. What they all have in common is a dynamism of them building up and down and the feeling of being on a journey.

The Who – Baba O’Riley

This was one of the earlier rock songs that I was just amazed by, as I never knew that Rock could be this epic and emotive. I’d grown up on Hip-hop and Drum & Bass, so when I heard this it was a game changer. I think it’s the synths in the background, that sort of arpeggiate, and the dynamics in the song that I think I can relate to Tobias. Also added to that the strong sense of melody really drives the song to something amazing. It’s the definition of what I think is an epic song.

DJ Shadow – Bergschrund feat. Nils Frahm

This is the combination of 2 of my favourite producers and the song doesn’t disappoint. The song changes throughout adding in and dropping out sounds, and breaks into a more euphoric section towards the end. It combines synths and percussion in such a dynamic way. In some way I feel that Tobias twists and changes on its journey.

Fuck Buttons – Hidden X’s

As soon as I heard them I loved the building nature of the songs, the sonic overlapping energy. If you jump to the middle of the song it makes no sense, a bit like a novel. It wasn’t conscious but I realise now I wanted to recreate that kind of energy with my own sound. Also, I think it’s secondary, but the fact they were from Bristol just gave that extra connection, even though I didn’t know them at all. Seeing them live at the Trinity Centre, commanding a 90 minute set, was very inspiring.

65 Days of static – Radio Protector

A friend of mine recommended them, he was more of a math rock fan, so I wasn’t totally sure whether I’d like them. I loved them from first listen, the dynamics of how it is heavy and emotive at the same time. It changes throughout, adding and ducking out sounds and instruments, giving fascinating and hypnotising textures throughout.